Privacy Policy

Compare Lion is a product comparison website. Like other websites, we collect the following details of the users:

  • IP Address.
  • Browser details.
  • Visiting time.
  • Device name.
  • Operating system.

Well, we're not asking users to enter the email address or any other details in any other page excluding the contact us form. The log file is generated the web-server. Even if you click on the submit button after entering your email address and reason, we'll get an email. We don't share email address with third-parties. We're using SSL encryption on our site. SSL ensures that the interaction between the user and server takes place over a secure channel.

About the third party services we use on this site

FB Comments: This service allows users to comment on the pages. It is secure and requires a Facebook account, which every 1 out or 3 people on the earth have.

Google Analytics: We use GA data to improve the site and user experience. Google Analytics gives us more information on the user than the raw access logs.

That's it! If you're any questions, write to us.

The above two services are safe.